Global Bauxite & Sustainability Summit 2018
DATA: de 26/06/2018 a 27/06/2018
LOCAL: Singapura

China is importing 70 million tons of bauxite in 2017. China demand continues to rise for the domestic tight supply as a result of strict environmental protection policy. Malaysia has banned on bauxite mining since the beginning of 2016, which is also for the reason of heavy pollution from bauxite mining.

Indonesia restarted bauxite exporting since 2017. Guinea’s market share grows fast while Australia still keeps his dominant position. Besides that, Brazil, India, Ghana, Jamaica, etc. also plays important roles in the global bauxite map.

The Bauxite Club will hold Global Bauxite & Sustainability Summit 2018 on 26-27 June in Singapore. The event focuses on the hot and sensitive issues – policies, trend and environment. It will gather global bauxite industry players – miners, traders, smelters, investors, government officials, environment solution providers, etc. After your participation, you will be a member of The Bauxite Club forever and enjoy member benefits free of charge. Here’s your friends and opportunities in the industry. Welcome to join us!