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From September 8 to 10, 2020, the São Paulo Expo venue in São Paulo, will host the 9th. International Aluminum Congress, which will bring together professionals from the Brazilian and worldwide industry, academic representatives and researchers. It is an unparalleled opportunity to keep up with the technological innovations in aluminum production, processing and recycling, the metal applications in major consumer markets, and the industry’s major challenges nationally and globally.

The ExpoAlumínio 2020 – International Aluminum Exhibition will take place simultaneously, displaying the most cutting-edge and innovative products, equipment and services for this industry.


September 8, 9 and 10 2020 | @ The São Paulo Expo venue


For attending the 9th International Aluminum Congress, fill in the registration form and submit the entire paper, by April 15, 2020. The members of the Congress’ Judging Committee will then judge the submissions.

Paper format: Oral or poster. The author's preference should be indicated at the time of registration. * The Judging Committee may change the paper’s framework;

In case the original paper is approved, the author will be notified of the date, time and venue for presenting it.

Rules: The author must submit the paper based on the following requirements

1 - The paper must have a maximum of 16 pages, including an abstract in Portuguese and English, illustrations, photos, graphics and bibliography;
2 - The pages must be presented in A4 size (210 x 297 mm), "DOC" or "RTF" format using the Arial 12 font size, and margins of 2.5 cm and simple lines;
3 - The first page of the paper must contain the abstract, as follows:
      • The paper’s title must be centered and done in Arial font size 16, bold and capital letters. Use a three-line spacing to separate it from the paragraph;
      • The authors' names must be numbered in ascending order, subscript numbers and right alignment. Use the Arial size 12 font and one-line spacing;
      • Abstracts must be justified – use one-line spacing;
      • Use up to three lowercase keywords;
      • Notes must be placed at the bottom of the page;
      • Enter full name of the event for which the paper is intended, plus date and venue of the event;
      • Enter the job title and company/entity of the papers' authors.
4 - On the other pages, the text must be justified and shown in single line. Cite the bibliography following the text;
5 - On the last page, include the contents equivalent to the first page (abstract), but put them in bold and written in English.
Stay tuned:
      - The paper's end file must not exceed 10 MB in size;
      - Do not number the pages;
- Do not change or abbreviate the title of the paper or name of authors;
- Graphics and drawings must not exceed the A4 page size;
- Captions must be placed at the bottom of the page;
- The background of the page must be white, free of logos, watermarks or similar prints;
- Images, photos and illustrations must be saved and put in JPG format, directly on the pages;
- Keep a copy of the submitted paper with you;
- The paper must be written using technical language tone, with no journalistic or colloquial approach;
- Only full Portuguese and English papers will be accepted;
- Make a thorough review of your paper, as it will not be edited or revised by the event's organizing committee, and will be published entirely as submitted and forwarded to us;
- Any discrepancies may cause delays or exclusion of papers.



The agenda for the International Aluminum Congress will bring together technical papers related to the following topics featuring technological innovations, projects, processing, efficiency gains, productivity and quality, cost savings and maintenance.

Papers related to bauxite mining, alumina refining or primary aluminum smelting processes.
Papers addressing the casting of aluminum in the form of slabs, billets and ingots, which subsequently undergo mechanical processing; continuous casting of blades and rebar; or casting parts in light metal.
Papers covering rolling, extrusion, wire and cable manufacturing, stamping, forging or impact extrusion of aluminum and its alloys.
Papers related to multiple joining processes and techniques such as arc welding (MIG/TIG), resistance welding, friction welding (FSW), laser, mechanical fastening (screws, rivets, rebounds), adhesives, among others - around aluminum alloys (aluminum plus aluminum or aluminum plus other materials).
Papers on numerous aluminum machining processes, such as cutting, drilling, milling, along with alloy developments showing benefits coming from those processes.
Papers on the distinct processes of aluminum corrosion and the multitude of metal surface treatments (e.g. anodizing, electroplating, application of paints and varnishes, among others) - whether for decorative or mechanical protective purposes.
Papers around collecting, separating and handling aluminum scrap processes, technologies applied to metal remelting, as well as studies on the scrap and secondary metal market.
Papers featuring sustainable development initiatives in the aluminum chain within the economic, environmental and/or social contexts, including those around reducing, recovering and/or reusing resources and wastes following the circular economy concept.
Papers related to the development of brand-new aluminum products or applications that are still unheard-of in the domestic market - whether in the form of semi-manufactured (e.g. extruded, rolled, cast and others) or finished products.
Quality and Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) related works, which allow optimizing and starting up operating procedures and practices that lead to operational risk minimization for employees and the environment, with gains in productivity and other improvements.
Papers related to the production, application and performance of refractories used in furnaces and other equipment for varying stages of aluminum and alloy production processes, such as smelting, remelting, molten metal conveying, heat treatments, among others.


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